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July 2011 Archives

Schizophrenic man may get a second chance for disability benefits

Many people in Georgia suffer from a disability that makes it difficult for them work. Many of these people rely on Social Security disability benefits to help cover medical payments and other necessities. When a person is denied benefits, as in this recent case, it may seem unfair. However, it is possible to appeal a denied claim. In this recent case, one man has the support of a state senator as he works to appeal a denied claim for his mental disability.

SSD process may get easier for those with heart disease

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be a very complicated process. It requires not only the completion of an application, but forms ranging from W-2s to medical records need to be sent in along with it. If an applicant is approved, it can still take up to seven months to start receiving payments. However, the government is considering adding one life-threatening illness to a list of others that allow a person to be fast-tracked through the application process.

Former Atlanta judge finds fault with SSA in new book

The subject of a new book by a former Administrative Law Judge for the Social Security Administration in Atlanta criticizes the workings of a government program, which the 87-year-old former senior judge calls frustrating. The published book comes at a time when a new study accuses SSA of "faltering" in the wait time for disability benefits.

Man qualifies for medical care by robbing a bank

Although he had back injuries and arthritis, a sore left foot, carpal tunnel syndrome, and an undiagnosed lump on his chest, a 59-year-old man did not have a qualifying physical condition that would allow him to receive benefits for Social Security disability. He applied for benefits but, like many individuals in Georgia and throughout the country, he was denied.

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