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January 2012 Archives

Autism definition changes, creates concern

According to a new definition of autism put out by the American Psychiatric Association, it may be more difficult for some with the disorder to be diagnosed. The new criteria could also make it harder for those in Georgia and elsewhere with autism to get Social Security disability benefits. Those with loved ones who have autism are worried about how the new definition will affect their friends and family members.

More rural residents relying on SSDI

According to a recent study, more and more rural citizens in Georgia and elsewhere in the United States are relying on Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. This also comes at a time when unemployment remains high, and budget-conscious lawmakers are worried about Social Security being tapped out for future generations.

Woman with spinal condition struggles for SSDI

The number of Americans receiving disability benefits has increased in the past five years. Some with disabilities, however, are still waiting. Most applications for Social Security Disability Insurance are denied, and many are denied three times before they get an appeals hearing with a judge.

Struggling with a disability can make for financial distress

A disability can change a person's life without warning. Whether caused by an accident or the sudden onset of a disease or illness, having a disability impacts a person's health, finances and livelihood.

Unemployed turning to SSDI

The future of Social Security disability benefits has made headlines recently, many exclaiming that the Social Security Trust Fund will run out of money within a decade. According to experts, the sluggish economy is playing a greater role in draining the trust fund than previously suspected.

Woman with MS tries to be independent

A 54-year-old woman spends most of her time at home. She lives in a second-floor apartment, and because of her multiple sclerosis she can't go down the stairs on her own. The situation is likely all too familiar to many Georgia residents struggling with the same disease.

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