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April 2012 Archives

Benefits available for SSD entrepreneurs

Starting up a new business can be incredibly difficult, regardless of an entrepreneur's experience level or financial backing. Many businesses fail because of inadequate funding, but others falter because of poor business plans, bad management and overly optimistic sales projection. Would-be business owners who receive Social Security Disability benefits have an even more difficult time starting and maintaining a business because of their special needs. But a successful venture could maybe help a person get off the benefits.

Student loans canceled for disability can still be taxed

Even though student loans can be canceled because of total disability, individuals in Georgia and elsewhere who have received this benefit have been blind-sided by fees associated with loan forgiveness. People who currently receive Social Security Disability benefits may be subject to taxable income requirements if their loans are forgiven.

Report shows national death of affordable housing

A newly minted report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition about affordable housing in this country indicates that many low-income groups are increasingly vulnerable to homelessness, thanks to the high cost of rent and home ownership. The report specifically mentions those who receive Supplemental Security Income throughout Georgia and the rest of the nation.

Woman loses check after Social Security number stolen

When one relies on Social Security Disability benefits to pay bills and keep food on the table, it is important to make sure that those benefit checks arrive on time. With a proliferation in online identity theft during the last few years, it's important to constantly check to make sure the Social Security Administration still has your correct data.

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