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May 2012 Archives

Man kicked out of restaurant because of service dog

Even though the Americans with Disabilities Act has raised awareness and increased the rights of individuals who receive Social Security Disability benefits, many Americans still do not understand or recognize that disabled individuals have special needs. People with disabilities may need wheelchair ramps or other accommodations. Sometimes, service dogs are needed.

SSI faces impending changes, say lawmakers

A congressional staffer who focuses on the federal budget told a group of public policy analysts and advocates that major reforms must be made to the Supplemental Security Income program if beneficiaries are to ride out expected budget cuts. The program, which provides billions of dollars each year to disabled children, is in danger of serious cutbacks, he said, and reform is needed if the program is to continue.

SSA: no more Internet searches for judges

The Social Security Administration has prohibited judges from searching websites during disability claims cases. The prohibition is disconcerting for some judges, who say that the Internet helps them root out potential fraud related to Social Security Disability for injuries.

More Social Security disability payments distributed

A newly minted report shows that Georgia residents are mirroring a nationwide trend of increased food stamp and Social Security disability benefits usage. The report, which examined 14 Georgia counties, released in April by the Georgia Department of Human Services, says that the number of people who were receiving supplemental nutrition benefits and disability payments has increased each month since July 2007. The two programs have grown by a total of 65 percent since fiscal year 2007. But that's why the programs are in place: to help people who are struggling.

Disability insurance painful for federal coffers

As election season approaches and federal spending gets more scrutiny, voters may notice that one important issue is barely even mentioned: Social Security Disability benefits. Social Security trustees said recently that the disability benefits trust fund could run dry by 2016, a dangerous scenario for the people who rely on those benefits just to get by.

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