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October 2012 Archives

After 9 year wait, man receives disability benefits

A Maryland man was recovering from a heart procedure when he received word from his attorney that he would be able to receive over $200,000 in disability benefits after a nine year court battle to an end. The man had been seeking disability assistance from Social Security since he began experiencing heart failure, the symptoms of which made it so he was unable to work.

SSDI data shows more Americans dependent on disability

The Social Security Disability Insurance program is designed to create a 'safety net' for people who are physically limited due to disability in finding work or being able to provide fully for themselves. Since January 2009, nearly 5.9 million people have been added to the SSDI program -- in 2011, benefits were paid out to 8.3 million disabled workers in total.

Children with ADHD may struggle to qualify for SSI

Supplemental Security Income, one of the types of benefits offered by the government as part of Social Security, is a cash benefit for the disabled. It is a means-tested program that requires specific eligibility in order to qualify, which is great for people who have little-to-no income and a limited work history. However, meeting the requirements can be a challenge for people with some impairments, like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, commonly referred to as ADHD.

Stigmas of Social Security system: abuse or age?

When Social Security Disability Insurance began, 16.9 percent of the U.S. population was between the ages of 45 and 60 -- which has now increased to 26.4 percent. With the aging of the population there is an increase in health problems and a larger percentage of the population is in the workforce, increasing the numbers of injuries. The SSDI system, however, has gotten a lot of bad press recently, with allegations that abuse of the system is the cause of the increase in the number of workers receiving benefits.

Senior and disability benefits at risk of new scam

Identity thieves are once again targeting those in need: seniors and the disabled. The scam is rerouting Social Security benefits to the bank accounts of the scammers and prepaid debit cards. Once the scammers have gotten their hands on the full name and bacnk account number of their mark, they contact the Social Security Administration and request that the payments be rerouted into these other accounts.

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