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Unemployment rates for disabled rise in third quarter

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2012 | Social Security Disability, social security disability 1 | 0 comments

Georgia residents may be interested in some staggering data presented recently about SSDI. Though applications for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits have remained the same, the unemployment rate for disabled Americans has increased, according to a study by Allsup. The study showed that the disabled have an unemployment rate which is 73 percent higher than that of people without disabilities.

Allsup also analyzed the backlog in the SSDI applications, revealing remarkable wait times: As of October 29, nearly 2.2 million disabled workers had applied for SSDI this year, with 1.8 claims still pending, creating an average wait time of more than 800 days.

Allsup’s chief financial planning manager urged people who are applying for Social Security disability benefits to apply as soon as they are able in order to receive the benefits as quickly as possible and minimize the financial repercussions of such a staggering backlog.

Suffering from an injury or disability that requires stopping work can have serious consequences financially. The disproportionate unemployment rate, paired with the incredible backlog for SSDI can make the whole situation so much worse. A delay in receiving SSDI benefits can bring many families to the brink of financial disaster, and with the loss of an income, these benefits may be sorely needed.

Those who have been disabled from work injuries may want to seek additional legal advice to take some of the financial pressure off, and those who are unable to find work may be suffering from hiring discrimination. An attorney experienced in the complex nature of the Social Security system may be an excellent resource for families in this difficult situation.

Source: STL Today, “Unemployment Rate Increases for People with Disabilities During Third Quarter, Allsup Reports,” Oct. 29, 2012


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