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December 2012 Archives

Change in COLA calculation could affect disability benefits

Georgia recipients of Social Security disability benefits are probably familiar with the term COLA. Also known as the Cost of Living Adjustment, this number determines how social security benefits will be increased each year to compensate for inflation. When inflation is high, the COLA will also be high, resulting in a large increase in monthly payouts.

Artist with Down Syndrome featured in museum

Georgia residents may not be familiar with the art featured in a San Francisco museum, but families affected by disabilities will likely find an interest. In 1950, a young girl, aged seven, became a ward of the state and spent the next 35 years in a state institution. At that time, parents were persuaded to institutionalize their children if they had disabilities such as Down Syndrome. Her twin sister has recently written a book about their experiences as a family struggling with a missing member.

Social Security fraud schemes hit home

Though we may often think of identity theft as happening from behind a computer -- some anonymous hacker the victim is randomly chosen by -- this may not always be the case. In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently investigated identity-fraud rings and found that many of them specifically target friends and family.

Social Security backlog and denials cost in treatment

Georgia residents who are battling serious illnesses may be interested to hear some cases from other locations of people who are struggling, not only with illness, but in a battle with the Social Security Administration. One woman was denied for disability payments, but did not receive an explanation as to why. 

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