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February 2013 Archives

Don't worry. 'Sequestration' won't cut SSD or Medicaid benefits

Assuming nothing surprising happens today, the so-called "sequester" budget will go into effect tomorrow. Sequestration was put into place specifically to be such a negative option that it would create an enormous incentive for Congress to pass a bipartisan budget by today. At the time, it was thought, anything would be better than sequestration. This last-choice alternative indiscriminately hacks away 10 percent of the budget for virtually all discretionary government programs -- $85 billion in total.

Was Georgia woman's SSD claim denied because judge was annoyed?

A Stone Mountain woman has been left wondering why her claim for Social Security disability was denied after she put so much effort into the application and the medical information needed to prove her claim. The filing process for Social Security disability benefits can be immensely complex, and she did not realize that she could have an attorney at no up-front cost. She regrets not hiring a lawyer, she recently said in an interview.

USDA: disabled must be taken into account in food insecurity efforts

"Lack of money for food can be caused in part by low earnings, or by high expenses. Disabilities can heighten both of these conditions," reads a recent post on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's website. The discussion is about food insecurity -- the trouble many people in the U.S. have meeting their need for food. The point is, people with disabilities and non-disabled caregivers have largely been left out of research and analysis on this issue.

Florida woman wins 12-year Social Security disability appeal

A woman from Florida who suffers from degenerative disk disease and depression adjustment disorder has been fighting for denied Social Security disability benefits for more than 12 years. She finally won her benefits on appeal -- an appeal she has been fighting since 2000.

Paper Social Security disability checks to be discontinued in March

If you are among the 5 million or so Americans accustomed to receiving your Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income checks in the mail, a big change is on the way. The Social Security Administration has announced that paper checks for veterans' benefits and Social Security disability and retirement benefits will be discontinued in March.

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