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June 2013 Archives

Source of fibromyalgia pain discovered?

Many patients suffering from fibromyalgia have spent years with the condition before receiving a diagnosis. Many medical professionals simply were not familiar with some of the symptoms of the illness. They would consider several other ailments before finally settling on this diagnosis, which led to prolonged periods of pain and uncertainty for those with the condition.

Another state caught using people with disabilities in sweatshops

The Department of Justice and other federal agencies have been taking a hard look at some of the places where people with disabilities are sent to work when state or federal agencies set up jobs programs intended to help them. Most often, these are programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities who would like to work in as meaningful jobs as possible instead of relying entirely on subsistence from the Supplemental Security Income program.

The financial hardships that disabled individuals face

Disabled individuals in Georgia are far more likely to suffer financial hardship than the rest of us. Disabled people who are able to work will face various obstacles put in their way in regards to locating employment. However, circumstances are much worse for those that are limited in their ability to work.

Special-needs child on SSI? Do you have a long-term plan?

Parents of children with special needs have a lot to think and worry about on a day-to-day basis, but their child's financial stability shouldn't have to be one of them. The Social Security Administration's Supplemental Security Income program, or SSI, does provide benefits to help with the costs of caring for children with disabilities, and those benefits can be extended into adulthood if the condition completely keeps the person from working at a self-sufficiency level.

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