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Many patients suffering from fibromyalgia have spent years with the condition before receiving a diagnosis. Many medical professionals simply were not familiar with some of the symptoms of the illness. They would consider several other ailments before finally settling on this diagnosis, which led to prolonged periods of pain and uncertainty for those with the condition.

Recently, doctors have made a discovery concerning the causes of fibromyalgia. This breakthrough could lead to new treatments that could greatly reduce the pain associated with the illness.

Currently, many of the treatments being prescribed by doctors attempt to treat various areas of the brain, as medical professionals have long held the belief that the condition is mainly mental in nature. This meant that individuals were prescribed drugs may or may not have any impact on actually reducing the pain that the patients were experiencing.

The new study focused on blood vessels in the hand and feet. When reviewing these areas in patients with the condition, it was observed that the individuals had sensory nerve fibers in these regions that would become overactive in certain conditions. If this occurred, it could lead to serious pain for those individuals. Treatments focused on these fibers could allow patients to potentially better manage their illness.

Because the condition can be so painful, and can take a long time to discover, many of those suffering from fibromyalgia are unable to work. These individuals often apply for Social Security Disability benefits to help them while they are out of work. This can also be a long process, as many initial applications are often rejected, especially for those suffering from illnesses that are this difficult to detect.

Those with questions about Social Security Disability benefits may wish to speak to an experienced attorney about their concerns. An attorney can help them complete their applications, and advise them about the process.

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