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January 2015 Archives

The complicated picture of disability

Suffering from an injury or illness can be devastating in ways that people don't always realize right away. Of course there is the initial pain, but that can also lead to anxiety, frustration and depression which can further complicate health problems and make it all but impossible to recover.

Funding for disability benefits at the center of political battle

There is a very dangerous misconception about disability benefits that can have a very negative impact on the Social Security program and those who receive benefits. There are some people who believe that recipients of these benefits are not truly in need of them; that beneficiaries are exaggerating their claims and disabling conditions.

What is the difference between SSI and SSDI?

Any worker who is unable to work due to disability or age should understand that there are options to pursue benefits that can provide crucial financial support. Without the ability to work, a person can struggle enormously to cover daily living expenses, medical care and other basic needs.

Understanding disabling conditions: mental disorders

In past blog posts, we have looked at some specific categories of conditions considered disabling by the Social Security Administration. As part of our ongoing series on disabling conditions, we will be exploring mental disorders that may make a person eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. 

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