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February 2015 Archives

Do I have to be permanently disabled to collect benefits?

When people discuss disability benefits, they often focus on benefits for people who are permanently or indefinitely disabled. It is true that many recipients of Social Security disability benefits are often suffering from physical or mental conditions that cannot be completely cured or fixed.

How much can I collect in SSI payments?

People who are eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income generally understand how crucial these benefits can be. That money makes it possible for certain people to at least partially cover living expenses and care costs when they are unable to work and do not qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

Don't lose hope if your SSDI claim is denied

Suffering a disabling injury can turn a person's world upside down. The pain, hospital visits and medication that come with an injury or illness can make it impossible for a person to continue working, and it can become quite clear that financial support will be all but essential.

Study finds connection between depression and brain inflammation

Millions of people across the United States struggle with depression. It can be debilitating and exacerbate other health conditions that a person may be dealing with. Depression can cause or contribute to sleeplessness, anxiety, loss of enjoyment and motivation, hopelessness and anger that can dramatically affect a person's life, relationships and ability to function in daily activities.

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