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April 2015 Archives

Questions the SSA may ask to determine limitations of an injury

There are injuries that would seem to obviously make it all but impossible for a person to continue working. Injuries like an amputation, spinal cord injury or brain trauma can completely change a person's ability to perform several functions of a job. In these cases, the Social Security Administration may have no trouble approving a person's application for disability benefits.

Study: Are men or women more likely to suffer from PTSD?

When people talk about being stressed out, it is often in the context of a temporarily difficult situation. Maybe they are overworked or struggling with finances. But when stress is persistent or extreme, it can take an enormous and devastating toll on sufferers. Their health can decline, relationships can break down, and in some cases they may be unable to cope with or handle situations around them.

Are there reporting requirements after my SSD claim is approved?

Waiting for the Social Security Administration to approve your claim for benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance program can be stressful. It is a big relief when you finally learn that you will receive the benefits you need. Like any other government program, the process is not exactly over at this point.

Can you do anything to avoid delays with your SSDI application?

It is no secret that the Social Security system is greatly flawed in regards to disability benefits. People are commonly faced with obstacles at just about every step of the process, and it can be overwhelmingly frustrating.

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