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August 2015 Archives

3 ways an attorney can help when pursuing SSDI benefits

Being mentally or physically disabled can make everyday tasks quite difficult to perform without some amount of help. Many folks may initially find it embarrassing or unnecessary to ask for help. However, over time, they may come to realize that there is nothing wrong with getting some assistance and that doing so sooner rather than later can make life considerably easier.

How common is having a disability in America?

Disabilities are not something that only impacts a very small portion of the country's population, but rather are something that affects millions upon millions of Americans. Having a disability is actually a rather common thing here in the United States. According to a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, around one-fifth of adult Americans are disabled.

Can phone data help indicate if a person is depressed?

For many people, their smartphone is with them pretty much the entire day. Thus, during the course of a day, a lot of smartphone data may end up building up about a person. This data can say a lot about us: where we've been, who we've contacted through our phones, what we do on our phones, our hobbies/interests, etc. But might a person's smartphone data also hold clues to the person's mental health state? A recent study indicates the answer to this question could be yes.

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