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Many myths exist about Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, or SSDI, which help disabled Americans pay for living and medical expenses. One myth is that SSDI will soon have benefits sharply reduced, or that SSDI itself will be eliminated.

So will benefits provided to disabled Americans be lowered anytime soon? Earlier this month, Congress answered that question with a “no.” In the 2015 budget, Congress extended Social Security’s disability trust fund to pay out full benefits through 2022 as part of its budget deal.

You may have heard that SSDI was in financial trouble. The main reason for this has to do with relatively technical and historical reasons to the way Social Security is funded. SSDI has a separate trust fund from the general fund, which pays benefits to retirees. However, Social Security is managed under one system, which will remain solvent for many years.

In short, the budget deal means anyone who receives SSDI benefits will receive the full amount to which they are currently entitled for at least several years into the next decade.

That is not to say that changes to SSDI will never occur. It is always possible Congress will revisit the issue in future years. Still, even in 2022 there is a significant possibility Congress will continue to fund SSDI in full.

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Certainly, SSDI can be complex, both in its funding and for disabled Americans who are applying for benefits. Claimants can experience long wait times and frustration, especially if they attempt to navigate the system on their own.

Yet disabled people who need SSDI benefits can rest assured that if they are eligible, the benefits they need will remain there for them well into the next decade. 

If you have questions regarding your SSDI claim or whether you are eligible for benefits, contact Ellene Welsh, Attorney At Law, to discuss your situation. 


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