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Do I qualify for SSI?

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2016 | Supplemental Security Income (SSI) | 0 comments

When someone is dealing with a disability and cannot work due to that disability, it can be extremely stressful to try to make ends meet. That individual may feel like they have nowhere to turn. Thankfully, many people know that the Social Security Administration offers support through their disability programs. For years an individual may have been paying into that program and may be happy to know that he or she may potentially be able to get payments from the program to help them make ends meet once they are no longer able to work.

But what about those individuals that never worked or worked for a very short time? Those may include not only those under the age of 18 but adults who have been dealing with disabilities all their life. These individuals may qualify for Supplemental Security Income. This program is specifically made for those individuals who have limited resources and income.

Income for the program comes from general tax revenue. Those who want to receive this income must meet the administration’s disability criteria. Once a person is accepted into the program, they will receive their payment every first of the month. The payment amount is figured out based on a specific formula. The program looks at the Federal Benefit Rate for 2016, which is $733 for an individual and $1,100 for a couple, and then subtracts any countable income. After that, the state adds the individual’s state supplement, if any exists.

For some individuals, this may be the first time that they are hearing about this disability program. While it may seem complicated and may feel as though it is hard to qualify, that may not always be the case. An attorney who has experience in working with SSI applicants can help you navigate the process.


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