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April 2016 Archives

What is Medicaid and how can it help me?

Disabled individuals have a number of important resources available to them but may wonder what they are. Medicaid is one resource sometimes available to disabled individuals. Medicaid is an insurance program providing health insurance for individuals who are in need or are low income. Medicaid covers disabled individuals, as well as elderly individuals, the blind, and children who receive federal income assistance.

A look at how to apply for Social Security disability benefits

It can be extremely important for disabled individuals to be able to obtain the disability benefits they need. Close to 9 million disabled Americans received Social Security disability (SSD) benefits for at least part of 2015, however, some disabled individuals may not receive badly needed benefits because of the complexity of the application process which is why it is helpful to understand the application process and who qualifies for SSD benefits.

DOE looking to helped disabled people discharge federal student loan debt

There is no question that one of the biggest financial burdens facing people of all ages is student loan debt. Indeed, most people see a substantial portion of their employment income go toward paying down their outstanding education loans on a monthly basis.

Study uncovers link between full-fat dairy products and lower rates of diabetes

Whether out of a desire to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, thousands of Americans have made major alterations to their diet, including limiting their consumption of everything from carbohydrates to red meat. Indeed, even the less health conscious among us have long ago made the switch from full-fat to low- or non-fat dairy products.

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