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SSD benefits paid to charity used to fund founder’s lifestyle

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2020 | Social Security Disability | 0 comments

Those in Douglasville who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits typically only do so after exhaustive efforts to support themselves through other means. Despite all of their hard work, however, their injuries or disabling conditions may make it impossible for them to secure employment. SSD may be their one and only option at meeting their day-to-day expenses. It is for this reason why news of SSD benefit claims being denied can come as a shock to so many. Yet given the potential for abuse of such benefits, the Social Security Administration may often feel the need to by hyper-vigilant to ensure that it is not being taken advantage of (and thus losing money that could benefit other qualified disability benefit candidates). 

Oftentimes that abuse may not come from an applicant themselves, but rather from one looking to exploit them. Such an accusation is currently being leveled against a Pennsylvania state representative who was recently indicted on criminal charges. The woman is accused of using a charity that she founded to fund her personal expenses (which were often extravagant). Some of the money coming in to the charity was from residents of a personal care home, who were forced to pay rent from their SSD benefit payments despite being forced to live in squalid conditions. 

People seeking SSD benefits can often satisfy the demands of the SSA in avoiding the potential for abuse by working with case workers and representatives to ensure that not only are their qualifications for benefits legitimate, but that their intended uses of such assistance are as well. Working with an attorney who has experience in dealing with SSD benefit cases may also be helpful. 


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