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Posts tagged "SSD for illnesses"

SSA adds 25 conditions to the SSD Compassionate Allowances list

The Social Security Administration’s Compassionate Allowances program was created to expedite the approval process for Social Security disability benefits for people with the most serious diseases and medical conditions that invariably meet the SSA’s legal standards. So far, the program has fast-tracked nearly 200,000 applications for people with conditions such as cancer, immunological disorders and neurological disease.

HBO airs documentary of progeria sufferer's story, quest for cure

This week, HBO has been airing a stunning documentary about a middle-school boy who suffers from an extremely rare but fatal disease called progeria, and his doctor-parents’ quest for a cure. As explained in “Life According to Sam,” Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome is a non-inherited genetic disorder that causes children to develop symptoms, and even the appearance, of advanced age.

Kids with epilepsy or intellectual disabilities need flu shots

Children with cerebral palsy or epilepsy, or with neurologic or developmental disorders, are often beneficiaries of Supplemental Security Income, and many of them are eligible for Medicaid. Yet, while Georgia Medicaid fully covers flu shots for both children and adults at increased risk, far too few children with these conditions are getting vaccinated.

Senate bill would end 5-month SSDI claim delay for terminally ill

A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators has introduced a bill that would end, for Social Security Disability Insurance applicants diagnosed with terminal illnesses, the current five-month waiting period before they can begin receiving their beneficiaries. Under current law, Social Security disability benefits begin in the sixth month of disability -- a wait that many terminally ill patients can’t afford.

Scientists invent a wristband that can predict epileptic seizures

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have just announced that they have discovered a non-invasive way to predict disabling epileptic seizures in advance. While many people with epilepsy are not considered disabled, many do not respond as well to treatment. When seizures are frequent, long in duration, or have disabling side-effects, and persist despite appropriate medication, the sufferer may qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

SSA: Nearly 30,000 receive SSDI for colorectal cancer every year

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, so the Social Security Administration just released the most recent numbers on the number of people who receive Social Security Disability Insurance because they're totally disabled from work due to colorectal cancer or closely related cancers. The agency says that, in 2011, almost 30,000 people were receiving SSDI benefits for the cancer or its complications.

Was Georgia woman's SSD claim denied because judge was annoyed?

A Stone Mountain woman has been left wondering why her claim for Social Security disability was denied after she put so much effort into the application and the medical information needed to prove her claim. The filing process for Social Security disability benefits can be immensely complex, and she did not realize that she could have an attorney at no up-front cost. She regrets not hiring a lawyer, she recently said in an interview.

Florida woman wins 12-year Social Security disability appeal

A woman from Florida who suffers from degenerative disk disease and depression adjustment disorder has been fighting for denied Social Security disability benefits for more than 12 years. She finally won her benefits on appeal -- an appeal she has been fighting since 2000.

Social Security backlog and denials cost in treatment

Georgia residents who are battling serious illnesses may be interested to hear some cases from other locations of people who are struggling, not only with illness, but in a battle with the Social Security Administration. One woman was denied for disability payments, but did not receive an explanation as to why. 

Baby Boomers urged to be tested for Hepatitis C

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a recommendation following concern about a high estimate of Baby Boomers infected with the virus Hepatitis C. Thought he virus can cause cirrhosis and liver cancer, most people don't know they are infected and are unable to seek preventative care.

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