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Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries Archives

Was Georgia woman's SSD claim denied because judge was annoyed?

A Stone Mountain woman has been left wondering why her claim for Social Security disability was denied after she put so much effort into the application and the medical information needed to prove her claim. The filing process for Social Security disability benefits can be immensely complex, and she did not realize that she could have an attorney at no up-front cost. She regrets not hiring a lawyer, she recently said in an interview.

Man gets benefits in 24 hours after waiting a year

Are you having trouble obtaining your Social Security benefits for blindness or other significant disabilities? Georgia residents are not alone. The story of how one blind Atlanta man finally got his SSD money is both heart-breaking and inspiring for those who may have lost hope about their eligibility for this government program.

SSA: no more Internet searches for judges

The Social Security Administration has prohibited judges from searching websites during disability claims cases. The prohibition is disconcerting for some judges, who say that the Internet helps them root out potential fraud related to Social Security Disability for injuries.

SSD won't pay $11,000 transportation costs for injured man

In a situation that highlights the importance of Social Security disability benefits, one woman is fighting to take care of her son who was injured in a car accident on Aug. 15. Her 6-foot-tall son wasn't wearing a seat belt and became trapped beneath the dashboard. His sustained severe neck and back injuries, and he suffered trauma to his brain and chest.

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