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Although he had back injuries and arthritis, a sore left foot, carpal tunnel syndrome, and an undiagnosed lump on his chest, a 59-year-old man did not have a qualifying physical condition that would allow him to receive benefits for Social Security disability. He applied for benefits but, like many individuals in Georgia and throughout the country, he was denied.

The long-time delivery truck driver lost his job in three years ago at the peak of the economic recession. He found another job for a short time as a truck driver, but he was soon let go and forced to clerk part-time at a convenience store. The pain he felt from his multiple medical problems prevented him from even standing behind a cash register. He was soon out of luck and out of work.

With his health worsening, no medical insurance and a rapidly dwindling savings account, he became a desperate man who was days away from homelessness.

Earlier this month, the man wrote a note and chose a bank. He presented the note to the bank teller demanding just one dollar in an attempt to rob the bank. To him, this was a way to obtain medical care he could not otherwise get without going to jail.

The man sat down on the couch in the bank’s lobby and waited patiently for police to arrive.

The North Carolina man surrendered without incident. He is now in prison and receiving health care.

This case shows how important Social Security disability benefits are for many people. If you have been injured or have a condition that prevents you from working but have been denied Social Security disability benefits, speaking with an experienced lawyer may be beneficial.

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