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The risk of violence in a home health care setting

Home health care aides provide a valuable service for people who have health challenges but don't want to have to move into an assisted living facility. These individuals might rely on home health care aides to take care of tasks like helping with personal hygiene, taking medications or monitoring vital signs.

While the aides that provide this assistance are usually treated with great respect and kindness, there are some instances in which making a visit to a patient's home might be risky. There are several reasons for this, so evaluating the situation at each home is important. Here are some points to know about safety in a home health care situation:

Patient care techs, nurses and others all face serious risks

Patients in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes count on nurses and patient care technicians to meet their needs. Sometimes, these medical professionals have to lift patients, help them move around and handle heavy items. All of these duties and others inherent to these jobs pose a risk of injury to the workers.

People in the health care profession don't always have the tools and means to keep themselves out of harm's way. In some instances, these individuals put themselves in danger to care for the patients who are counting on them.

Back injuries should be treated as serious matters

Back injuries are very serious matters, regardless of the cause. When you think about how much you use your back on a daily basis, it is easy to see how debilitating one of these injuries can be. The course of action you take depends on the type of injury you suffered, so you should get medical care to come up with a plan.

It is important that you follow the care plan carefully because you might face serious repercussions if you don't. Some back injuries can lead to lifelong issues that can make it difficult to do your job. Consider these points about back injuries if you start to feel the aches and pain that come along with them.

Sought emergency care? That's workers' comp's bill

You tripped and fell at work, but you didn't think much of it at the time. Yes, you hit your head, and you felt a little dizzy, but you thought it would pass. Hours later, you go home and find your family pointing out that you aren't acting like yourself. They tell you to go to the emergency room after hearing about your workplace accident.

You headed to the emergency room and got the news that you had suffered a concussion. Now, you have to miss a week or two of work and need to have several more medical checkups. You think you have to cover this medical bill, too, since you didn't go to the doctor on your workers' compensation plan. Do you?

A false sense of safety in the health care industry

Nurses, orderlies and emergency medical technicians face the risk of injury each time they have to help a patient. One of the activities that can lead to an injury is having to lift the patient or support his or her weight.

Improper technique while you are handling patients can lead to serious back injuries. In most cases, these are musculoskeletal disorders, such as back injuries. The rate of these injuries for workers in the health care field is seven times more than the average for all industries.

Frequently asked questions about Georgia workers' compensation

There are a lot of questions that come to mind when you are injured at work. Because Georgia has a workers' compensation insurance program, almost all workers in the state are covered by this program.

Many misconceptions surround workers' compensation claims. Here are some of the common workers' compensation questions and their answers.

Losing a finger or two can be very traumatic

Think about how much you rely on your fingers to do daily tasks. Things like texting, holding a fork and driving your vehicle would be much more difficult or even impossible without fingers. Even though the thought might not be pleasant, think about what life would be like if you lost a finger or two.

People who work in the construction or manufacturing industries are at risk of having their fingers amputated. This type of traumatic amputation could lead you to file a workers' compensation claim, which might be beneficial if you have to take time off of work and need medical care. Here are some points to know about finger amputations:

The demands of nursing mean injuries are common

Nurses have very difficult jobs. Not only are they exposed to communicable diseases, they are also at risk of injury due to the nature of the job. It is sad to think that nurses might suffer harm simply for trying to help the patients under their care.

There are several things that nurses can do to try to remain free of injury while they are working. The burden doesn't fall fully on the nurses. It is up to the medical facility administration to provide nurses with training and equipment that can help them to remain safe.

Construction sites can be dangerous places

If you work as a construction worker, you know that danger lurks around every corner. This doesn't stop you from doing your job, but it should definitely make you think twice about everything thing you do.

A construction site accident has the potential to cause serious injury or even death.

Did you get fired from a job because of a workers' comp claim?

You work hard, for years, to build a career and support yourself. Then, one day, something goes wrong. Maybe you got startled when lifting something, causing a back injury. Maybe equipment malfunctioned, resulting in broken bones and soft tissue injuries. Whatever the situation, if you got hurt because of a workplace accident, you should be receiving workers' compensation. Unfortunately, some employers don't always comply with the law. They may refuse to submit accident reports and claims that have to do with your injuries. Sometimes they fire whoever asks for workers' compensation.

This kind of discrimination is illegal, but that doesn't stop it from happening. Workers who get hurt on the job should receive workers' compensation for their medical expenses and to offset lost wages while they recover. If your employer has fired you because you filed a workers' compensation claim, you still have options. Don't let an unscrupulous employer deny you benefits that your wages have contributed toward for years. If you suffered a workplace injury and got fired as a result, you need to push back and demand the medical and lost wage benefits you have earned through years of hard work.

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