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Risks are present for workers in all industries

Being injured on the job is something that workers hope they never experience. No matter what industry you are in, you are at risk of being injured. This can come from an accident, but it is also possible that you will suffer one due to repetitive motion.

There are many types of incidents and injuries that can occur. Knowing some of the more common ones can help employers and employees to improve safety.

  • Overexertion injuries: Trying to do your best at work is a good thing, but don't push yourself too hard. Activities like carrying, pushing, pulling and lifting can lead to injuries that are painful and costly.
  • Slipping or tripping: Workplaces often have items on the floors and sometimes have wet floors. Workers who are exposed to these can suffer injuries if they slip or trip, even if they don't fall. Some injuries can come from attempting not to hit the ground.
  • Falling objects or from heights: Working at heights above the ground or having items up there can lead to accidents. Workers need to have fall arrest devices and all objects placed above the ground should be secured to prevent incidents.
  • Moving machines: Some businesses, such as factories, have moving equipment all around. Making sure the employees are trained on using these and that safe practices are in place can help to stop some injuries, such as workers being crushed by machines or being entangled.
  • Workplace violence: It isn't easy to foresee workplace violence, but there must be a practice in place for monitoring suspicious activity and reporting it. A plan must also be set for what happens if there is an incident of this nature.
  • Repetitive motion injuries: Workplace ergonomics are essential safety tools. This includes using movements and tools that help you to avoid muscle strain and odd body mechanics. These injuries are troublesome because the symptoms don't come on all at once. Instead, the start as nuisances and progressively get worse.

Patient transfers and mobility issues can lead to worker injuries

Nurses, patient care technicians and other caregivers have to handle some difficult duties. Some can lead to considerable injuries. One involves heavy lifting that comes with transferring patients from one space to another, such as a wheelchair to a bed. In some cases, simply trying to adjust the patient's position on a bed to prevent pressure sores is the cause of the problem.

Overexertion is one of the most common causes of injuries in the health care field. These injuries can lead to musculoskeletal disorders, which are seven times more common in the health care industry than in all other industries.

Unloading semitruck trailers is dangerous work

All workers need proper training and tools to work safely. Many jobs include the duty to unload semitrucks. This is even the case for some retail jobs. It is imperative that these workers understand how to safely do this job. Part of their safety depends on the shipping company's ability to load and secure the cargo properly.

Loads that aren't balanced and properly secured may shift during the unloading process. This can crush workers, lead to them being struck by items and cause them to suffer serious injuries. When workers, employers and shipping companies work together, reducing the number of incidents should be possible.

Yes, you can still get workers' compensation if you get fired

Getting hurt on the job is a bad situation for almost everyone. You suddenly have to worry about how long it will take you to return to your job. You also have to worry about the medical bills that you incur while treating your injury. That's a lot of expense right at a time when you probably don't have much income.

Thankfully, in most cases, you can qualify for Georgia workers' compensation benefits after a workplace injury. Those benefits can pay you a portion of your lost wages if you are temporarily disabled. They can also cover the cost of medical treatment and rehabilitative care.

Hospitals must do more to protect employees

Hospitals should be safe places that can help people to heal after injuries or illnesses. Unfortunately, workers in these facilities are often at risk of suffering from the exact things that the patients are being treated for.

While it is true that hospitals have taken steps to make this work environment safer, there is still a long way to go. Here are some points that you might find interesting about the safety of hospital employees:

Find out what injures are compensable under workers' compensation

Those who get injured at work likely know that they can count on workers' compensation for coverage. There is some misconception that only injuries that stem from accidents are eligible for workers' compensation. While these types of injuries commonly do qualify, other injuries might also be compensable.

It is imperative that workers understand which types of injuries are compensable. There are several points to consider when determining how to handle the situation.

Heat-related injuries can be fatal

Heat-related injuries can occur in a variety of job conditions. It is imperative for anyone who works outdoors or in hot conditions to be aware of what can happen when the body overheats. These are preventable issues by providing workers with a way to cool off.

It is easy to assume that individuals inflicted with a heat-related injury will know that they need to cool off. In some cases, this isn't the way that it happens. Instead, overheated folks will assume that they are fine, but they will begin to act in an abnormal manner. Here are some important points to know about heatstroke and other heat-related conditions:

Frequently asked questions about workers' compensation

Employees who are injured at work might need considerable medical care, as well as time off work during the healing process. For these individuals, the workers' compensation system can provide valuable benefits that can help them in considerable ways.

The benefits that the workers' compensation system provides can be indispensable. There are several different things that workers might qualify for, but they should understand some of the most basic points about the system.

Nurses face serious risks on overnight shifts

Hospitals need nurses to work around the clock. This isn't a job that is limited only to Monday through Friday during the day. Unfortunately, many of the overnight shifts that hospitals need covered are handled by newer nurses. Even though patients will likely get excellent care, the nurses are at an increased risk of suffering from injuries.

There are many different reasons why nurses might be injured on the overnight shift. Understanding these might help them to remain a bit safer as they take care of the patients who count on them.

The risk of violence in a home health care setting

Home health care aides provide a valuable service for people who have health challenges but don't want to have to move into an assisted living facility. These individuals might rely on home health care aides to take care of tasks like helping with personal hygiene, taking medications or monitoring vital signs.

While the aides that provide this assistance are usually treated with great respect and kindness, there are some instances in which making a visit to a patient's home might be risky. There are several reasons for this, so evaluating the situation at each home is important. Here are some points to know about safety in a home health care situation:

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