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Protecting Your Interests if You Are Injured at Work

If you are injured at work or suffer from an occupational illness, your employer may seem sympathetic at first. However, the longer your disability lasts, the more your employer and the workers’ compensation carrier may start to view you as an unwanted expense. They may look for ways to stop your benefits, even if you are unable to return to work.

At the Law Office of Ellene Welsh, we are here to protect your interests after a workplace injury or illness. Attorney Ellene Welsh and our office staff will help you obtain all of the benefits to which you are entitled from Georgia workers’ compensation. From our office locations in Douglasville, Columbus and Atlanta, we represent injured workers throughout West Georgia.

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How Does 
Workers’ Compensation Work?

Injured Workers Have A Right To Compensation

In Georgia, most businesses must carry workers’ compensation insurance. As with other types of insurance policies, an employer would make regular payments to their workers’ compensation policy regardless of whether a worker files a claim.

When a worker is injured, and the insurance company approves their claim, the insurer pays the compensation directly. Therefore, the insurance company acts as a middle man between you and your employer.

Because your employer will pay for the insurance regardless of whether you file a claim, you do not need to fear that getting the benefits you need will impact them. If you have questions about how your employer may react to your injury claim, contact our attorneys for advice.

Get the Workers’ Compensation Benefits You Need in Georgia

Workers’ Compensation Benefits For Georgia Residents

If you have been injured on the job or if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition caused by work activities, you are eligible for workers’ compensation medical benefits beginning immediately. You may also qualify for income benefits and, in the case of a severe injury resulting in a lasting disability, rehabilitation benefits.

Do not miss out on any of your rightful benefits. The Law Office of Ellene Welsh helps clients in Douglasville, Columbus and throughout west Georgia protect their access to benefits they should receive after being injured or becoming sick at work. Email us or call 770-489-3456  to learn about workers’ compensation benefits you may be entitled to in Georgia after an injury on the job.

Medical Benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits include medical benefits as needed for up to 400 weeks (or for a lifetime in the case of a catastrophic injury) as follows: emergency treatment, ongoing medical care by an authorized physician; doctor-recommended tests, surgery and physical therapy; prescription drugs and expenses such as transportation costs that you incur in order to access medical care.

Income Benefits

Seven days after you have been unable to work due to a job-related illness or injury, you may qualify for income benefits. Income benefits for injured workers in Georgia fall into one of the categories described below. (Please note that these descriptions are summaries only and do not include all details.)

Temporary total disability benefits (TTD), payable to totally incapacitated workers at a rate of two-thirds of their average weekly wages up to 400 weeks from the date of injury, or longer for catastrophic injury cases.

Temporary partial disability benefits (TPD), payable to employees who are unable to work full time after being injured on the job. TPD benefits are paid at two-thirds of the difference between a worker’s average weekly wages before an injury and the average wages he or she is able to earn after the injury, for up to 350 weeks.

Permanent partial disability benefits (PPD), payable when an injured worker suffers disability “resulting from loss or loss of use of body members or from the partial use of the … body as a whole.” Benefits are paid according to a formula that multiplies the number of weeks assigned by statute times the percentage rating times the weekly benefit rate.

Death benefits payable to a spouse and/or minor children of an employee who was fatally injured or died as a result of injuries occurring on the job. Weekly compensation will equal two-thirds of the deceased employee’s average weekly wage up to certain dollar maximums for spouses and until age 18 for children of the deceased.

Rehabilitation Benefits

Injured workers who have suffered catastrophic injuries may be eligible for rehabilitation benefits. Severe injuries in this category include spinal cord injuries, amputation of a hand, arm, foot or leg; a severe brain injury; second- or third-degree burn injuries over 25 percent or more of the body; blindness; any injury that prevents an employee from returning to his or her previous work or other work “for which such employee is otherwise qualified.”

A vital step you can take to ensure you receive all workers’ compensation benefits you are eligible for is to consult with a lawyer. An attorney on your side can help you navigate the system and overcome roadblocks that your employer or the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier may put in your way.

How to file a work injury claim in Georgia

The process for filing a workers compensation claim

Georgia has strict policies in place for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Here’s what you need to know after being hurt at work.


Report the Accident

Report your accident and injury to your employer immediately after it occurs or as soon as you realize you are hurt. You must report your accident within one month of the date of the occurrence. Missing this deadline can hinder your rights to receive workers’ compensation benefits.


See a Doctor

Make sure you visit the doctor as soon as possible and see a medical provider pre-approved by your employer. The insurance company may decline to pay your medical bills if you see an unauthorized physician. The only time you don’t have to see an approved doctor is if you need emergency medical attention immediately after your work injury.


File a Claim

To claim benefits, you’ll have to fill out Form WC-14 and send copies to your employer, the State Board of Workers Compensation, and your employer’s insurer. Most victims have up to one year from the date of their injury to send in this form.

Understanding Worker’s Compensation Benefits

What happens after you make a workers comp claim?

After you make a work injury claim, it gets reviewed by Georgia's Workers Comp board. Your employer will give you a list of approved doctors. You must see one of these doctors unless it's an emergency. After the emergency, go back to an approved doctor. Tell your employer which approved doctor you pick. You can change doctors once without telling your employer.

If the doctor says you need time off work, you could get benefits. If you're off work for a week or more, you should get your first check within 21 days. If you're off for over 21 days, you'll get benefits for the first week too.

Starting July 1, 2016, Georgia law caps benefits at two-thirds of your weekly pay, up to $575 per week for up to 400 weeks. If you return to a lower-paying job, you can get up to $383 per week for up to 350 weeks.

Special rules apply for permanent injuries, amputations, or disfigurements. If a worker dies, their family could get up to $575 per week. A widow or widower without kids can get up to $230,000 total. Note that these benefit amounts change and this page may not reflect the correct information.

Workers Comp rules are complex. Lawyer Ellene Welsh can help explain what you might get if you're hurt at work. For free advice, call her today.

Testimonials for Our Georgia Workers Compensation Lawyers

Hear From Our Clients

Avedis SmithAvedis Smith
20:02 27 Jul 23
When I first got my review denial letter from SSA and had to appeal I was crushed...I contacted several lawyers and no one wanted to take my case. I contacted Ellene Welsh law firm and spoke with Annette and told her about my situation(she spoke with Attorney Welsh) they agreed and took my case. Let me tell you, they are so thorough...they took the time to explain everything to me each step of the way and obtained all medical records, worked endlessly with my SSA hearing officer, and help ease my anxiety. I'm happy to write after a long battle I received a fully favorable decision with no hearing!! If you need a office that will work tirelessly for you then look no further...Thankyou so much to Attorney Welsh and Annette...
Donl AtkinsDonl Atkins
21:47 02 Jan 23
Mrs Welsh and her staff were so helpful. They kept me informed every step of the way and I received a better decision than I expected.Would hire them again if needed.
Reign SupremeReign Supreme
17:19 02 Nov 22
Friendly, professional and attentive. I was made to feel comfortable asking questions.
Kimberly HanbackKimberly Hanback
17:04 05 Oct 22
I had tried to get my disability first with a different lawyer and was turned down. When I called thier office to ask about an appeal they said they couldn't help me and was very rude and hung up on me. Found another lawyer who did my appeal was turned down. I called Ellene Welsh and her and her staff were very nice and helpful. Of course it was during the pandemic so we had to do things differently but she helped me and I won my case. Anytime I had a question they were very helpful and nice. If I could just say if you need a great lawyer with a great staff call her. They will fight for you. Love them.
kyle croftkyle croft
20:29 11 Jul 22
After being denied by SSD , I called the Law offices of Ellen Welsh and she got my disability claim approved. Her employees were professional and easy to work with. They took care of everything. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone needing help with their SSD CLAIM
Kris ArhartKris Arhart
17:46 02 Feb 22
Ms. Ellene Welsh Came recommended from another attorney. The whole process with her office was as smooth as it can be. If you have never had to use a attorney before let me explain something I learned. Every great attorney has a amazing Paralegal / assistant or more behind them. Ms. Welsh team made contact As easy as I can get. Whether it be by phone or email. Thank Ms. Welsh and your amazing office for all the hard work yall did to make this process as easy as possible.
Pam ScheibPam Scheib
02:49 01 Feb 17
I became a client of Ellene's 3 years ago. When I first met Ellene she took a great deal of time to go over my denied paperwork from Social Security. She explained it was not a quick process and we would be looking at least another year to eighteen months before a hearing. She explained every step! When I had questions Becky and other office staff were always there to walk me through my questions and ease my mind and at times frustrations. Never along this journey did I feel ignored or abandoned. Ellene's staff got all my records together for my hearing and thanks to their hard work we got an immediate decision. It is very rare, I knew it was a good case going in, but Ellene made sure every "I" was dotted and every "T" was crossed. She was excellent in front of the judge and knows what she is doing. It was her 20 plus years experience that makes her so good! I can't thank Ellene and her staff enough for all their time, hard work and dedication in helping me with my case. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Social Security Disability Attorney.

Common Questions

FAQs About Georgia Workers Compensation

What is Workers' Comp?

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program. If you get hurt at work, this program can help with medical costs and lost wages. In Georgia, companies with three or more workers need to have this insurance.

Who really pays for Workers' Comp benefits?

Your boss pays for workers' compensation. It's a regular business expense. They can't ask you to pay for it. All workers are covered from their first day on the job.

What help can I get?

You might get money for medical bills and lost wages. If you can't work, you'll get part of your usual pay. This is often two-thirds of what you usually earn each week. But, there’s a limit of $575 each week.

When will I start getting payments?

There's a short wait. You won't get money for the first week unless you miss 21 days of work in a row. Your first payment should come within 21 days after you miss work.

Is there a deadline for filing a worker’s compensation claim?

Georgia workers should notify their employer of their injuries immediately, even if they do not seem very serious at first. Although the law provides up to 30 days from the injury date to file a claim, any delay can hinder the claims process or lead to lost compensation. In addition, the reviewing board might believe that a claimant’s injuries are not severe if they wait too long to receive medical care.

Where do I go for medical help?

Your boss will give you a list of doctors you can see. You can go to the emergency room if needed. Workers’ comp pays for the medical care linked to your injury.

What should I do after a work injury?

The First Step After A Workplace Injury

Perhaps your job-related injury was not a sudden, traumatic event, but rather, a medical condition that developed over time. You may not have seen a doctor at all yet, but you know or believe you were injured on the job. Perhaps you became ill because of your work environment or activities. You, too, wonder what to do.

Keep in mind that every case is unique. The best way to ensure your rights are protected is to contact a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer at our firm who can evaluate the facts and advise you. Meanwhile, you can take actions to help yourself:

  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Report your injury to your employer.
  • Make sure your employer prepares an accident report, and ask for a copy.
  • Keep detailed records of everything related to your injury, your recovery and communications with doctors and others handling your case. A calendar, a daily log and files containing bills and other official documents are all valuable tools. Details can become overwhelming in a hurry. This is another important reason to contact an attorney early in your case. The Law Office of Ellene Welsh can take over the tedious work of gathering, organizing, preserving and interpreting documentation for you.
  • Learn about your rights and about how to protect them. Again, having an attorney on your side is the best way to get all the information that you need — relevant to your case and in terms you can understand. If you need advice about which doctors to see (approved by the workers’ compensation system, with good reputations), an experienced lawyer can guide you in this and other decisions you may need to make. If your employer, the insurer or a health care professional tells you something that doesn’t sound right, you will have a knowledgeable advocate ready to watch out for you.
  • Take an experienced attorney’s advice about how and when to file a workers’ compensation claim to your best advantage. For example, you might want to wait until doctors give you a long-term prognosis before filing a claim for income benefits. However, you do not want to miss important deadlines. A lawyer on your side can help prevent mistakes like this.
  • Follow doctors’ advice about treatment, rest, therapy and follow-up care. It may be important to demonstrate that you are doing all you can to recover as fully as you can.
  • What about your job? A lawyer on your side can advise you on how to communicate with your employer and what to do if your boss tells you that you will lose your job.

For more complete, personalized instructions on what to do after an on-the-job accidental injury, talk to us at the Law Office of Ellene Welsh.

How do I make a workers’ comp claim?

You can fill out a form called WC-14 from Georgia’s official website. They can also help you over the phone or by mail.

It is best to contact a GA work injury attorney like Ellene Welsh to discuss all the details further. Give our office a call today for a free consultation.

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With 35 years of legal experience, Attorney Ellene Welsh specializes in assisting individuals in the Douglasville, Columbus, and West Georgia areas to secure Work Comp, Social Security Disability, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, leveraging her in-depth knowledge of the systems and collaborating with admin officials to secure her clients the financial support they deserve.

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