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Disabled man rivals repeatedly rejected by SSA

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2011 | Social Security Disability, social security disability 1 | 0 comments

One 53-year-old man has faced more than a lifetime’s worth of troubles, that many Georgia residents can probably relate to. Fifteen years ago, he was a stockbroker on the west coast, thriving in his new career. After two car accidents, however, his constant pain has made working impossible. He has been applying for Social Security Disability benefits for more than five years and is afraid of facing another rejection.

In addition to the injuries caused by the two accidents, the man has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, as well as attention deficit disorder and anxiety. While his doctors agree that he is unable to work, his case is still constantly rejected by that Social Security Administration. He has almost drained his savings, which he started living on when getting a job became difficult.

Over the years, he has moved multiple times, hoping to find a suitable job that would allow him to work without experiencing excruciating pain. While working in computer support, he experienced his second accident and later threw his spine out of alignment while mowing. He faced permanent damage and discomfort and was asked by his bosses to resign.

He once again moved and became a middle school math teacher. That job, however, aggravated his anxiety and ADD.

He has cashed out his IRA, sold his car and has been living off savings for the past six years. He also does not hold out a lot of hope for SSD benefits. He describes his future as “very uncertain.”

Clearly this man is in need of help. Social Security Disability benefits were designed with people like the man above in mind. Without those benefits, recipients can face going hungry or losing a home. There are attorneys out there who can help in situations like this, and who could help the man get the benefits he deserves and needs.

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