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Like many other potential Social Security Disability recipients living in Georgia and elsewhere, one recent accident victim has had to be resourceful to get by after his injuries and illness.

A man who had been injured while trimming trees in December 2011 has finally returned home after five months in the hospital, but his challenges have just begun. The victim, who had shattered his pelvis and sustained other injuries when a tree fell on him, had to live in a dilapidated home his parents used to own when he got out of the hospital. That house did not have electricity, running water or basic appliances. He was forced to cook outside on a makeshift grill until members of the community rallied around him to help get his life back to normal.

The man’s situation is dire. Uninsured, he can’t afford medication, so he takes baby aspirin instead. He received a wheelchair from local donations, and his neighbors have helped him with obtaining appliances and getting his water turned on.

Still, the man says he has been told he is not eligible for Social Security Disability benefits that could help keep him afloat financially. He says he is in constant physical pain that prevents him from working. Furthermore, the man says he has been unable to get Medicare or Medicaid to assist him with his medical bills, though the reason for the rejections is not clear.

Navigating the Social Security Disability landscape can be incredibly difficult for potential beneficiaries. Although this man may very well be eligible for benefits, he might not understand the complicated processes that go along with applying for the monthly payouts.

Source: The Times and Democrat, “Man home after months in hospital, but difficulties continue,” Dale Linder-Altman, July 18, 2012


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