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How can disabled children receive Social Security benefits?

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2013 | Supplemental Security Income (SSI) | 0 comments

Georgia families may be wondering how their children can qualify for disability benefits. There are two programs which can provide for disabled children, Supplemental Security Income and Social Security.

Under the SSI program, a child may receive disability benefits in the form of monthly payments from birth until age 18. There are certain requirements, including whether or not the impairments meet the definition of a disability for a child, and whether or not the family is within the allowed window for income.

Over the age of 18, however, an adult child may be able to receive monthly benefits through Social Security. The applicant must meet the requirements for the disability definition and show that the disability began before the age of 22 in order to qualify. In addition, a parent of the child must either be deceased or have worked long enough to be insured by the Social Security system.

For families who are affected by disabilities in their children, it can be a struggle to make ends meet. Moreover, the medical costs can begin to pile up, and caring for the child full-time can pull a parent away from earning an income. The benefits of Social Security can help to relieve this burden.

The application process can be complicated and difficult, so having all of the details managed ahead of time can reduce the need for additional hassle. Families interested in pursuing Social Security for their disabled children can benefit from speaking with an attorney familiar with the system, including the details of filing and handling any necessary appeals.

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