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People who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder can face devastating and debilitating symptoms of this illness. Their lives can be turned upside down and they (and their families) are often trying to deal with the ramifications of such an upsetting condition. 

One of the troubling facts about PTSD is that, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, no one is exempt from developing this condition: “Anyone can get PTSD at any age.” This means that families from all backgrounds and in all parts of Oklahoma can be confronted with the challenges of PTSD.

The medical community has long been interested in better understanding PTSD. While there are a number of unknown or unconfirmed factors when it comes to PTSD, what is known is that people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event are at risk for developing PTSD.

The symptoms of PTSD are nearly as diverse as the people who experience them. They can involve frightening flashbacks, depression and significantly increased levels of anger or tension. Victims of PTSD can also be battling addiction to drugs or alcohol because of the need or desire to numb or mask the painful and scary symptoms.

Getting help is crucial for people battling PTSD. Sufferers may benefit from various types of therapy, medication, rehabilitation and/or medical treatments, but people can be hesitant to reach out for help because they may not understand their condition or feel like they can handle the added time and financial commitment of treatment.

This is why it can be so important for people to be aware of their option to pursue disability benefits. When a mental condition like PTSD becomes disabling, sufferers of the illness may be eligible to collect Social Security disability benefits. These benefits can allow people to take time away from work to get medical help and deal with a condition without also having to go without financial support. 

Working with an attorney to pursue SSDI benefits can be a good way to significantly ease the stress and anxiety of trying to navigate the Social Security system alone. An attorney familiar with SSDI can help applicants pursue a successful claim and access the benefits they may greatly need.


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