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Can you do anything to avoid delays with your SSDI application?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2015 | Social Security Disability, social security disability 1 | 0 comments

It is no secret that the Social Security system is greatly flawed in regards to disability benefits. People are commonly faced with obstacles at just about every step of the process, and it can be overwhelmingly frustrating.

As early as the application process, people can find it quite challenging to get the answers they need thanks to delays and complicated systems. If you are in this position right now, it can be a good idea to understand what you can and cannot control when it comes to getting a decision made on your application for disability benefits.

Some delays and issues, many of which are discussed more thoroughly in this article in The Washington Post, are simply beyond the control of typical applicants. You can’t do anything about the inadequate resources in the Social Security Administration; you can’t fix the enormous backlog of applications that have piled up over the years; you don’t have control over when — and if — reforms are put into practice that could streamline the application and reviews processes.

However, it is completely within your control to research your options for benefits so that you can be confident you are applying for something for which you also qualify. You can take steps to ensure your application is as thorough and accurate as possible and submit all the relevant and requested medical information on your condition, as well as your employment history.

You can also exercise your right to work through this process with an attorney who may be much more familiar with navigating the Social Security system and knows what the SSA is looking for when they review an application. This process can be very intimidating and confusing for people going through it for the first time, but this does not have to negatively affect your eligibility for benefits.

While you cannot control every challenge you face in applying for SSDI benefits, there are things that you can control. With support and guidance, it can be possible to minimize or avoid complications that could impact your application.


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