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Pain a big issue for back condition sufferers

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2015 | Social Security Disability, social security disability 1 | 0 comments

Back conditions can have a variety of impacts on their victims. One such impact is that they can cause their victims to experience substantial back pain. Such pain can be a very big issue for sufferers of such conditions. This is illustrated in a recent study.

The study’s participants were 269 individuals who suffered from a back condition called lumbar spinal stenosis. Among the things this condition can cause a person to experience are lower back pain and mobility problems. The participants experienced both walking/standing problems and chronic back pain in relation to their condition. 

In the study, the participants were asked what type of treatment they would rather have: a pain reduction treatment or a mobility improvement treatment. A vast majority of the participants, 79 percent, said they would rather have a pain relief treatment.

Thus, it appears that many lumbar spinal stenosis sufferers prioritize pain relief over some other pretty major things, such as better mobility. This would seem to indicate that back pain is something that many sufferers of this back condition may see as being one the most impactful aspects of their condition and care very deeply about getting reduced. This underscores how big of a deal back pain from back conditions can be for a person.

Back pain can impact a person’s ability to perform a wide range of different tasks. Thus, back pain is one of the many impacts of a back condition that could potentially make a person unable to work. It is important for individuals who have had to exit the workforce due to back pain or other ramifications of a back condition to understand what government benefits they could be eligible for. Back condition sufferers sometimes meet the eligibility requirements for benefits from the Social Security Disability Insurance program. Experienced Social Security disability lawyers can help back condition and back pain sufferers look into their SSDI benefits eligibility likelihood and help them if they run into problems with an SSDI claim.

Source: University of Rochester Medical Center, “Patients Prefer Relief from Lower Back Pain Over Improved Mobility,” Sept. 9, 2015


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