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Degenerative disc disease can be extremely debilitating

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2016 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries, social security disability benefits for injuries 1 | 0 comments

There are many medical conditions that can qualify someone for Social Security disability benefits and one that is very common has to do with back pain. Many people across the nation struggle with some severity of back pain, whether temporary or permanent.

While most individuals may not qualify for disability insurance due to their back pain, there are those that suffer total disability due to degenerative disc disease. This condition, while not technically a disease, is a term that is used for changes that occur to the spinal discs as a person ages. With age, the discs, which work as shock absorbers and allow the spine to flex properly, can break down over time.

The breakdown of these discs can also be worsened by things like heavy manual labor, obesity and sudden injuries. The discs can lose fluid or have cracks or tears in the outer layers, causing the nucleus inside to bulge or even rupture. These changes can lead to a loss of stability, numbness, and even severe nerve pain. While some people may not have any pain associated with the degeneration of their discs, others deal with constant debilitating pain.

While there are treatments available, such as the use of heating pads, Tylenol or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, relief may be minimal. Even surgery may not fully absolve an individual of his or her pain. When degenerative disc disease causes a person to not be able to work anymore, they may consider seeking Social Security disability benefits. While it may be an uphill battle, especially after a denial, an attorney can help you navigate the process in hopes of getting the benefits you deserve.


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