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Rural areas challenging for disabled workers

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2016 | Social Security Disability, social security disability 1 | 0 comments

A recent news article from another state touches on a very interesting topic relating to Social Security Disability Insurance. The article discusses the need for disability benefits for those individuals that live in rural areas of a state. Because these areas are more remote, there often tends to be fewer jobs and a smaller variety of jobs that are available.

This can quickly become a problem for someone who can no longer do physical labor. A lot of the jobs that are available in some of the most rural areas of our state have to do with construction, logging or mining work. While this type of work may be great for the younger population, it does not leave many options for those that are disabled or aging.

One woman described her situation: she tore a muscle in her hand 25 years ago after a box slipped out of her hands while she was in the office. That torn muscle destroyed a tendon and caused her to have 14 surgeries. She was told that she could no longer work, which made her very upset because she loved working. The woman is on SSDI and is currently working as a part-time receptionist because it’s one of the few places in her rural town that will accommodate her physical needs.

Many older individuals throughout Georgia’s rural areas may be in the same boat. If they are unable to receive benefits, it can be extremely hard for them to make ends meet. These disability funds are also important for the small businesses in the area because those funds may be the only source of money that the aging and disabled population has for spending.


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