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Obtaining temporary Social Security disability benefits for issues related to mental health has a reputation for being a very difficult and uncertain process. However, with proper preparation and an understanding of how the acceptance process works, the odds of having your disability claim accepted and receiving the benefits you need increase significantly.

Temporary benefits related to mental health generally are considered for individuals who are undergoing treatment for emotional traumas, some anxiety disorders, and other mental issues that can be brought under control. In circumstances where progress in treatments allow the individual to return to work either in a full or limited capacity, temporary disability benefits may be successfully obtained.

There can be frustrating waiting periods to receive benefits even once an individual has been approved for them. In some cases, an individual’s symptoms may improve to the point that he or she is ready to re-enter the workplace while still within the waiting period to receive benefits. If, for instance, an individual is approved for short-term benefits but is given a 5-month waiting period (the maximum waiting period assigned), he or she may be ready to re-enter the workplace after four months and then not receive benefits. This is a frustrating reality of the system that it is best to be aware of ahead of time.

Whatever your reason for seeking Social Security disability benefits, whether closed end or open ended, the Social Security administration will require a significant amount of verifiable medical documentation to support your claims. The assistance of qualified legal counsel who is familiar with the Social Security landscape can help you navigate the ins and outs of the process to achieve the best possible outcome.


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