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Workers’ comp is for more than just accident injuries

On Behalf of | May 8, 2017 | Workers' Compensation | 0 comments

Many people think about workers’ compensation benefits as coverage in case of an injury. This is one of the possible types of issues that can be covered under a workers’ compensation claim. Other issues are also compensable as long as they meet the requirements for coverage.

If you have been injured because of your job, you should explore your right to workers’ compensation benefits. There are a few different things that you should know as you embark upon your quest for benefits.

On-the-job accident injuries are covered

This is the type of incident that most people think about when they think about workers’ compensation. Workers who are injured in an accident on the job, such as a fall from a ladder or an amputation on a factory line, can file for workers’ compensation benefits. The accident must occur while you are doing your job duties if you are going to seek benefits.

Repetitive motion injuries due to work are covered

Some injuries are related to work, but can’t be attributed to a single accident. Repetitive motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome in a cashier or a lower back injury for a nurse, are also covered under the workers’ compensation program. Just like with accident injuries, the repetitive motion injury must be attributed to your working duties.

The cause of the accident does matter

Your injury must be related to your job duties to be compensable. In some cases, benefits are possible even if you had a part in the accident. However, there are some limitations to this. Workers’ compensation might not be possible if you test positive for drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident. You should take a chance to look into how the cause of the injury might impact your claim before you make a determination about what you are going to do.

Benefits can vary based on the circumstances of the case

The benefits that you are entitled to receive will vary based on the circumstances of the case. If you seek medical care for the injury from the emergency room or the employer’s doctor, those bills will likely be covered. This is true even if you don’t feel you need emergency care right at the time of the injury and find that you need it later. You might also qualify for wage replacement or disability payments if you can’t go back to work right after the accident. The exact effects of your injuries will come into the picture here.


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