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The demands of nursing mean injuries are common

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2017 | blog | 0 comments

Nurses have very difficult jobs. Not only are they exposed to communicable diseases, they are also at risk of injury due to the nature of the job. It is sad to think that nurses might suffer harm simply for trying to help the patients under their care.

There are several things that nurses can do to try to remain free of injury while they are working. The burden doesn’t fall fully on the nurses. It is up to the medical facility administration to provide nurses with training and equipment that can help them to remain safe.

Lifting patients

Lifting patients is a big strain on a nurse’s back. Ideally, the facility where you work will have devices, such as transfer bars, to help you with this. If you are left to your own devices to get the patient up, you might need to ask another employee for help. At the very minimum, make sure that you are trying to put the pressure on your legs instead of your back when you lift the patient.

Bending over beds

You will likely spend a good amount of time bending over the patients who are stuck in bed. Each time you need to listen to a patient’s lungs or check abdominal sounds, you will likely have to do this. Checking legs for signs of clots is another time when you might have to bend over. This can place a strain on your lower back, so make sure that you take your time with these movements and stretch before you lift to get your muscles ready.


Falls are a serious risk for nurses. This is especially true when there are bodily fluids on the floor or when there are cords strewn around the room. Watch where you are stepping. Try to wear shoes that balance proper foot positioning with anti-slip properties. Workers who are caring for the floors should make sure that they use proper signage and other appropriate methods to let you know that the floor is slippery.

A nurse who gets hurt at work might be tempted to ignore the problem. However, this can lead to more serious injuries. This is especially true for cumulative injuries that aren’t readily noticeable over time. If you have suffered from an injury at work, take the time to get the care you need and then explore your options for seeking compensation for the injury so that you can focus on healing instead of trying to rush back to work.


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