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Unloading semitruck trailers is dangerous work

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2018 | Workers' Compensation | 0 comments

All workers need proper training and tools to work safely. Many jobs include the duty to unload semitrucks. This is even the case for some retail jobs. It is imperative that these workers understand how to safely do this job. Part of their safety depends on the shipping company’s ability to load and secure the cargo properly.

Loads that aren’t balanced and properly secured may shift during the unloading process. This can crush workers, lead to them being struck by items and cause them to suffer serious injuries. When workers, employers and shipping companies work together, reducing the number of incidents should be possible.

Importance of load securement

When trailers are loaded, the cargo must be balanced. While this seems simple enough, it’s more complicated than it looks. Some large or bulky items can’t be balanced well. One worker in Effingham was recently killed when water pipes shifted on the trailer. This caused him to lose his balance and fall from the truck. He died due to hitting his head on the road.

While this is an extreme example of what can happen when a load isn’t properly secured, it does show the importance of making sure that shifting doesn’t happen during the unloading process. There isn’t any reason for a worker to not make it home safe at the end of the shift because they were killed by something that could have been easily prevented.

Protocol for unloading trailers

Equipment, such as forklifts, are usually used for unloading trailers. These make the job easier, but they also introduce a risk into the process. There is a chance that workers may be crushed by the equipment or run over. When they aren’t used properly, they may tip due to overloading.

Any employee who is going to use a forklift or any other equipment to unload a trailer must be trained to handle the job. Worker certification is one way that employers can combat the possibility of having these types of accidents due to the operation of the equipment.

When accidents occur

There is a good chance that a worker who is injured in the process of unloading a trailer may need to seek medical care. Even when it doesn’t seem like the injury is bad, a medical evaluation is usually a good idea. Workers’ compensation should cover this expense and may also help with covering some of the lost wages if the employee has to miss a considerable amount of time from work due to the injury.


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