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Uncommon inspections to consider before purchasing a home

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2019 | blog | 0 comments

Buying a home in Oregon comes with lots of considerations. While it is generally a good idea to have a standard home inspection done before closing, there are other types of inspections that may be worth considering. These additional inspections can provide the new owner with a more comprehensive view of the home.

According to, homeowners should learn the hidden flaws of the home they consider purchasing. Homes built before the mid-1970s may have asbestos in the attic insulation, basement insulation or window caulk. Having an asbestos inspection on an older home can provide the buyer with the potential costs associated with asbestos removal.

Lead can pose another risk for older homes. A certified lead abatement contractor can inform the buyer on whether the home has any lead paint still lurking. Foundations settle over time. Older homes have more time to be at risk for foundational issues. An inspection can bring the buyer peace of mind and a thorough understanding of the condition of the foundation.

The Inspection Certification Associates provides additional information for that beautiful historic home. Beyond lead paint and asbestos, older homes may have issues with the stairway. Depending on when the home was built, the builder may not have had any regulations for staircase safety. The handrails in particular often pose the biggest safety hazard.

The HVAC system may be completely outdated or be highly unusual. Hiring an HVAC expert to inspect the system can help the buyer understand how it works and determine whether or not it needs a complete overall. These uncommon inspections can end up saving buyers significant money.


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