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Talking to your spouse about SSD benefits

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2019 | Social Security Disability | 0 comments

For many people, the decision to file for Social Security Disability benefits is a no-brainer. For some people in Georgia, however, this decision is more complex and the Law Office of Ellene Welsh knows there are other considerations to focus on before approaching the application process. For example, those who are married often need to discuss SSD benefits with their spouse, which is usually advantageous for a host of reasons. Not only does it help one to have their spouse on the same page, but the application process is daunting in some instances and it is very helpful to have a marital partner who is understanding and supportive.

Before talking about the SSD application process with your spouse, you should review the ins and outs of what often happens and be prepared to answer any questions your partner has. If they are unsure about whether this is the right move, you need to be confident about this helpful resource and help them recognize the advantages of disability benefits. For example, those who are unable to work because of an injury frequently have unpaid bills and many other financial concerns, and disability benefits help people who are in this tough position.

Even after thoroughly reviewing the application process, pursuing Social Security Disability benefits is often challenging. Many people are turned down, which is devastating, and the right approach often makes a significant difference in terms of the probability of one’s application being approved. Our law firm has seen many of these cases and we know how tough it can be for people who are struggling with financial uncertainty to approach their SSD application.


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