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How do you argue against a denied disability claim?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2020 | Social Security Disability | 0 comments

Georgian residents depend on Social Security Disability (SSD) when illness or injury keep them from work. Unfortunately, the SSA does not approve every SSD claim. In fact, a large number never make it past the initial request stage. What can you do to continue pursuing SSD benefits if the SSA denied your claim? 

The most effective way to fight against denied SSD claims is by coming back with new evidence. The evidence you bring back has to be a direct rebuttal against the SSA’s findings. For example, a simple doctor’s note stating that you are unable to work is not considered new evidence. The SSA will ignore short and inconclusive statements. 

Instead, you will likely need a well-written and thoroughly researched doctor’s report. Medical reports arguing for SSD benefits should have several components. They can include: 

  • Laboratory findings 
  • Clinical studies or findings 
  • Detailed medical history 
  • New medical diagnoses 
  • Any prescribed medical treatments with the prognosis and patient response 

In addition to new findings or evidence, a doctor’s statement may also be beneficial. In this statement they should discuss your physical and mental capabilities. This includes your ability to carry or lift heavy objects. It also includes daily tasks like walking or standing. They should also test your ability to remember and carry out tasks. These components are crucial for success in the workplace. Without them, you will likely not be able to hold a job. 

Dealing with Social Security Disability matters can be complex. If you would like to continue your reading, visit our linked web page here. You can take a look at what to do if SSA denied your SSD claim. 


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