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Why does the SSA review my benefits after approving them?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | Social Security Disability | 0 comments

When you finally filed for your Social Security disability benefits in Georgia, you learn that the administration may review your Supplemental Security Income. These reviews can affect your ability to retain your SSI. The SSA completes reviews on a specific timeline which can help you prepare for your next one. 

The Social Security Administration will stop SSI benefits if your disability improves and is no longer disabling. If you have a condition that should improve in a specified amount of time, you can expect someone to review your case three years after filing. However, some medical conditions do not have that expectation and only receive a review every seven years. 

The continuing disability review addresses your medical condition, but that is not all the CDR looks at when reviewing your case. The reviewer also looks at your current living arrangements, income and resources. SSI depends on you meeting certain financial requirements to receive benefits and those must remain to stay eligible. 

The reviews work a little differently if you are a minor. Those turning 18 receive a CDR about two months before their birthday. Infants under the age of 1 may receive their CDR before or after their first birthday based on whether or not the condition is due to low birth weight. 

As a parent of a disabled minor, you should expect to provide the paperwork showing that your child has continued medical treatment during these reviews. Expect a review about every three years, but they may happen sooner depending on the medical condition of your child. 


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