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Will retirement affect your continuing disability review?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2020 | Social Security Disability | 0 comments

Every 3-5 Years, Social Security will review your case to make a determination of whether or not they believe you are disabled. What they are looking for is whether or not your condition has medically improved. This means medically improved to the point where you are able to go back to do anything you used to do or anything else. 

According to Nolo, they will look at the point where you were found disabled and then they look at the current date. They will gather evidence and information from third parties and yourself, and then they compare the two. They will compare from the last time to today to see if there has been an improvement. If they believe it is about the same or worse, your benefits will continue. If they believe that you have improved to the point where you can go back to work, then they will cease your benefits. You do have the right to appeal that, but that is typically the order of things. 

Mostly, if you are getting close to retirement age, there is a decent chance that you might not get a review. This is because you are getting so close to retirement age. Once you reach the retirement age, the money you received from disability will be reclassified as retirement. At that point, there is no more review. The pot of money for retirement and disability benefits is the same. The reality is that once you have reached retirement age and you are on disability benefits, that money is reclassified. It goes from being disability benefits to retirement benefits. 


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