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Speeding up your Social Security Disability benefits claim

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Social Security Disability | 0 comments

A disability threatens your way of life and, under the worst of circumstances, your very life. It is easy to feel helpless while trying to navigate the Social Security system. However, not all Social Security Disability claims are equal. If you are facing immediate medical issues, you need help sooner rather than later. 

Some 240 medical conditions call for shortening the disability claims process. Instead of waiting for months for a decision from the Social Security Administration, you may have a ruling in days. 

What the program covers 

The Compassionate Allowances program covers fast-tracking procedures for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. It takes into account medical conditions that prevent victims from working. Some of these include cancer, immune system disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and genetic ailments. 

Automatic fast-tracking also can occur when: 

  • A condition is in the terminal stage 
  • A claimant is in danger of becoming homeless 
  • The life of a low-birth-weight infant is at stake 
  • The patient suffers from a severe physical or intellectual disability 
  • A veteran sustains a disability while on active duty 

How the program works 

Making the program somewhat easier is that you do not have to file an application. The SSA uses software to identify potential recipients. At the same time, you do also have the right to file an application claim. 

The SSDI fast-track program has some notable limitations, including a waiting period. The earliest you can expect a payment is five months from the beginning of your disability. The SSA determines that date. However, you may qualify for presumptive disability payments during the five or six months it takes for your application to receive approval. 

The program, of course, also comes with a complex set of rules that may seem written to frustrate you. While you are under the stress of being unable to work and provide for your family, you can become tied up in red tape. One of the keys is understanding your rights. 


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