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Can my medical treatment help my SSD claim?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2021 | Social Security Disability | 0 comments

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits is notoriously challenging. If you are trying to earn SSD benefits for your illness or injury, it may seem like there is no hope for getting approval. There are so many stories of SSD applications ending in denial, but millions of people have been able to earn their benefits, and so can you.

Part of what can help your SSD claim is bolstering your claim with evidence of your disability. One of your strongest pieces of evidence may be your medical treatment. It may be contrary to what you expected, but continuing your treatment during your application can be a major benefit for your claim.

How your treatment can help

Everything related to your health will come into play with your SSD claim. Doctor’s notes, medical history, and your treatment can all impact the outcome of your claim. Suppose the Social Security Administration (SSA) sees that you stopped your treatment once you started your application. In that case, they may assume that you are trying to make your condition look worse or that your condition is not serious enough even to warrant treatment.

Do not give the SSA any reason to deny your claim. Cutting your treatment short and going against your doctor’s wishes is a common mistake many applicants make that can cost you the SSD benefits you need.

Additionally, your treatment can even support your SSD claim by showing the necessary measures you have to take to address your health. These kinds of actions show your sincerity in your medical treatment and can help show that you have your current condition despite your efforts to correct it.

You do not have to file alone

There are many reasons the SSA may deny your SSD claim. When you are trying to earn the benefits you need, contact an experienced disability attorney for the help you need. They can guide you through your application process to avoid critical mistakes and reduce the time it takes to earn approval from the SSA.



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