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Can I Have Both Workers’ Compensation And Social Security Disability Benefits?

A work injury could cause serious disability. In other cases, a work injury could add to the difficulties of an existing disability. Whatever your situation may be, it is important to understand how workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability benefits operate.

At the Law Office of Ellene Welsh, we have extensive experience in both workers’ compensation cases and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) cases. If you need to know your options after a new injury or condition, we can give you advice for your specific circumstances. Consult with us to get complete information before filing your claims.

The 80 Percent Rule

You can receive both workers’ compensation and SSDI benefits. In fact, filing for both types of assistance can provide the money you and your family need.

However, workers’ compensation could reduce your SSDI benefits depending on the amount you receive. It is important to discuss the possibilities with your attorney.

If the total amount of monthly workers’ compensation payments plus SSDI exceeds 80 percent of your monthly income before the injury or disability, your benefits would decrease according to the difference. If your workers’ compensation payments end, and you are still eligible for SSDI benefits, your SSDI payments may return to the full amount.

SSDI calculations are complicated. Our knowledgeable lawyer can help you overcome the challenges of blending multiple types of benefits. We know that adjusting to a disability or serious injury is difficult, and we will be committed advocates for you.

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You are more than a case number at the Law Office of Ellene Welsh. We know that you may be in pain and stressed about benefit-related legal issues. Our team will be patient and attentive to your needs. Call 770-489-3456, or email our firm in Douglasville and Columbus for a free consultation.