Is Your Job Making You Sick?



What To Do If Your Job Is Making You Sick

If you believe you are becoming sick because of your job, you may be right. Occupational diseases — which may be illnesses or chronic conditions — are real.

Is your job making you sick? Find out how to recover compensation for your occupational illness or injury by calling 770-489-3456  today.

It is well-known that certain types of occupations or professions often lead to certain types of illnesses or injuries. Health care workers often develop back pain, welders often develop respiratory ailments and office workers often develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Your job may be making you sick because of:

  • A problem with the environment (such as mold in the building)
  • Hazardous chemicals related to your work activity (such as welding gas)
  • Repetitive stress due to work activities such as twisting one’s wrist or lifting patients, resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome or back strain

At the Law Office of Ellene Welsh in Douglasville, Columbus, and the Atlanta metro area in Georgia, we help injured and sick workers recover benefits for medical treatment, lost income and any disabilities.

Proving Your Illness Is Work-Related

In order to prove that your illness or condition is work-related for purposes of collecting workers’ compensation, you must demonstrate:

  • A direct causal connection between your work conditions and the disease or condition
  • That your disease or condition came about because of your work activities
  • That you did have extensive exposure to the same risks outside of work
  • That your illness or condition does not ordinarily occur among the general public
  • That your particular condition likely came about because of risks connected with your employment

Also in order to qualify for workers’ compensation for your occupational disease, you must file a claim within seven years of your last exposure to the risk factor(s) on the job (or within one year of the first disablement in the case of mesothelioma) and within one year after you knew or should have known about the condition and its connection to your work duties.

Skillful legal counsel can help ensure that you meet all requirements and properly confirm all qualifying elements such as your last exposure or your last diagnosis.

Find Out How To Get Workers’ Comp Benefits For Free

A knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer can help ensure that you get the compensation you are eligible for. We represent clients on a contingency basis. That means you will not owe attorneys’ fees until we obtain benefits for you. Contact us by calling 770-489-3456 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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The Law Office of Ellene Welsh Testimonials

Avedis SmithAvedis Smith
20:02 27 Jul 23
When I first got my review denial letter from SSA and had to appeal I was crushed...I contacted several lawyers and no one wanted to take my case. I contacted Ellene Welsh law firm and spoke with Annette and told her about my situation(she spoke with Attorney Welsh) they agreed and took my case. Let me tell you, they are so thorough...they took the time to explain everything to me each step of the way and obtained all medical records, worked endlessly with my SSA hearing officer, and help ease my anxiety. I'm happy to write after a long battle I received a fully favorable decision with no hearing!! If you need a office that will work tirelessly for you then look no further...Thankyou so much to Attorney Welsh and Annette...
Donl AtkinsDonl Atkins
21:47 02 Jan 23
Mrs Welsh and her staff were so helpful. They kept me informed every step of the way and I received a better decision than I expected.Would hire them again if needed.
Reign SupremeReign Supreme
17:19 02 Nov 22
Friendly, professional and attentive. I was made to feel comfortable asking questions.
Kimberly HanbackKimberly Hanback
17:04 05 Oct 22
I had tried to get my disability first with a different lawyer and was turned down. When I called thier office to ask about an appeal they said they couldn't help me and was very rude and hung up on me. Found another lawyer who did my appeal was turned down. I called Ellene Welsh and her and her staff were very nice and helpful. Of course it was during the pandemic so we had to do things differently but she helped me and I won my case. Anytime I had a question they were very helpful and nice. If I could just say if you need a great lawyer with a great staff call her. They will fight for you. Love them.
kyle croftkyle croft
20:29 11 Jul 22
After being denied by SSD , I called the Law offices of Ellen Welsh and she got my disability claim approved. Her employees were professional and easy to work with. They took care of everything. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone needing help with their SSD CLAIM
Kris ArhartKris Arhart
17:46 02 Feb 22
Ms. Ellene Welsh Came recommended from another attorney. The whole process with her office was as smooth as it can be. If you have never had to use a attorney before let me explain something I learned. Every great attorney has a amazing Paralegal / assistant or more behind them. Ms. Welsh team made contact As easy as I can get. Whether it be by phone or email. Thank Ms. Welsh and your amazing office for all the hard work yall did to make this process as easy as possible.
Pam ScheibPam Scheib
02:49 01 Feb 17
I became a client of Ellene's 3 years ago. When I first met Ellene she took a great deal of time to go over my denied paperwork from Social Security. She explained it was not a quick process and we would be looking at least another year to eighteen months before a hearing. She explained every step! When I had questions Becky and other office staff were always there to walk me through my questions and ease my mind and at times frustrations. Never along this journey did I feel ignored or abandoned. Ellene's staff got all my records together for my hearing and thanks to their hard work we got an immediate decision. It is very rare, I knew it was a good case going in, but Ellene made sure every "I" was dotted and every "T" was crossed. She was excellent in front of the judge and knows what she is doing. It was her 20 plus years experience that makes her so good! I can't thank Ellene and her staff enough for all their time, hard work and dedication in helping me with my case. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Social Security Disability Attorney.

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With 35 years of legal experience, Attorney Ellene Welsh specializes in assisting individuals in the Douglasville, Columbus, and West Georgia areas to secure Work Comp, Social Security Disability, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, leveraging her in-depth knowledge of the systems and collaborating with admin officials to secure her clients the financial support they deserve.

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