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Injured Workers Have A Right To Compensation

When you have suffered an injury at work, you might worry about the right thing to do. If you have a good relationship with your manager or employer, you might not want to cause them any stress. Conversely, if you have a poor relationship with your employer, you might be afraid that they could retaliate against you if you file a claim.

These concerns are natural, but the workers’ compensation system is designed to prevent conflict between workers and employers. At the Law Office of Ellene Welsh, we can explain the legal process and help you file a workers’ compensation claim with confidence.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work?

In Georgia, most businesses must carry workers’ compensation insurance. As with other types of insurance policies, an employer would make regular payments to their workers’ compensation policy regardless of whether a worker files a claim.

When a worker is injured, and the insurance company approves their claim, the insurer pays the compensation directly. Therefore, the insurance company acts as a middle man between you and your employer.

Because your employer will pay for the insurance regardless of whether you file a claim, you do not need to fear that getting the benefits you need will impact them. If you have questions about how your employer may react to your injury claim, contact our attorneys for advice.

Insurance Companies May Deny Valid Claims

Although you have a right to compensation if you suffered a serious injury while working, insurance companies do not always honor that right. Unfortunately, workers must meet several requirements to get compensation. Even if you do meet them, the insurance company could wrongfully deny your claim.

Whether you are preparing to file your claim or you received a claim denial, we can advocate for your right to compensation. It is critical to make your initial claim as strong as possible. With our experience, we know how to work toward the best outcome possible.

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